The Team


Chris P – Queens, New York


Chris is a musician, and blogger based in New York City. Since starting Play Too Much with cofounder Sara Waber, Chris has been working to help give artists a spotlight to showcase their new original music. Chris’ favorite record of all time is the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Californication.




Sara W – Queens, New York


Sara is an acclaimed producer and videographer based in New York City. Since starting Play Too Much with cofounder Chris Pizzolo, Sara has been hard at work producing original video series spotlighting emerging artists. Sara’s favorite record is Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors.




 Michelle T – Atlanta, Georgia

Michelle is a writer, marketer and full-time music enthusiast. When she isn’t working her 9-5, she can be found traveling country roads on the hunt for knick-knack shops, brushing up on her culinary skills or with her head buried in a book.  Her first album purchase was No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom which she still owns to this day.




Aj Sugar – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Writer/Graphic Designer/Stage Tech/Photographer/Music Junkie, Aj keeps himself too busy as to not contemplate the meaning of existence. Binge listening includes Less Than Jake, Led Zeppelin, MUSE, The Strypes, Placebo, and several other bands that “give me a tingling sensation in all the best places.” #ajsugar



Carlos LL – Queens, New York

Carlos’ pastimes include writing on personal experiences including whatever will make it into his head. Carlos digs all sorts of music, although he leans more towards Hip-Hop, Jazz and Electronica with strong dashes of Soul, Funk and R&B.





Néstor D.P.  Queens, New York

Néstor David Pastor is a writer and musician from New York City. He performs under the name Neutral Tones and released an EP in late 2014. His writing has appeared in The Rumpus, Latino Rebels, and more. He also attends graduate school and works as a social media manager for the Spanish-language podcast Radio Ambulante.



Mark S – Brooklyn, New York

Podcast Host

Mark is a writer/television producer and lover of bagels, funny stuff, and all things Metal. Mark’s first album purchase was MC Hammer’s Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em



Ilana R – Queens, New York

Podcast Host

Ilana is one of the rare comedians living in New York City but you just have to dig around the right basements to find her. She is a slave to the hip hop genre and knows all the words to Waka Flocka’s, “No Hands” but don’t worry there’s plenty more where that came from.



  Chris D  Portland, Oregon 

Portland-based freelance writer and photographer. Chris’ favorite bands include The Hotelier, The Front Bottoms, Okkervil River, and Adult Mom. The first album Chris ever purchased was the Space Jam soundtrack, which he insists still holds up. Chris’ favorite foods are vegan burritos or anything involving avocado.



Liz Smalls – Brooklyn, New York

Liz is a photographer, artist, and introverted weirdo. By day Liz is the assistant at Cherry Bombe magazine and by night she is dancing music venues and taking photos. Liz listens to all types of music but lately gravitating towards “weird and sad folk (Weyes Blood is amazing).” Liz also has a top secret music side project for her alter ego – songs in the works. “When I have time, I like to write poetry and make silly videos for HitRECord.”

CIRCLES-16 (1)



Samantha W – Las Vegas, Nevada 

Sammy Wilson is an irritatingly excitable coffee-drinking peruser of all things; a promoter and crusader of the arts (minus the pretense). She is currently on tour with her band NWLYWD – an indie pop/rock duo tied in matrimony. After attending Levitation 2015 her favorite genre is 60’s and 70’s influenced Psych Rock. On most days you will find Sammy and her partner in musical crime, Sterling, discussing ideas and music for the betterment of the world. She endeavors to get that across in her writing and way of life.



 Noah D – Portland, Oregon

Noah is a freelance journalist/writer/blogger based in Portland, Oregon. He’s nuts for some good potato latkes, does mathematics as a hobby and loves the oddball artist Lambchop.



Paul P – Queens, New York

Paul is considered a musician by default, but spends his time dabbling in other hobbies. Paul loves vegetables and enjoys eating anything that can be held in one hand. In his free time you can find him over using the arpeggiator plug-in in Ableton, reading comic books, and watching television shows on Blu-ray or DVD with his partner in their WIFI free apartment.






Emma K – Queens, New York

Emma is a self proclaimed book worm, beach bum, and foodie who listens to trance and deep house day and night (although she switches it up with indie or hip hop every once in a while). The best place to find Emma is at a Brooklyn café people watching while sipping a soy latte, or working at her Mom’s shop in the Lower East Side, at a yoga class. Overall Emma’s a laid-back gal who likes to live in the moment.


Michael B – New Haven, CT

Michael is an artist and an educator with a passion for social change. When not composing music, he can be found snapping photos, hiking, volunteering, or working as a professional drummer. He is also a private drum instructor, an English tutor, and a published author. Favorite artists include Incubus, Bjork, Tom Waits, and Saul Williams. He has a dog named Emma and is amazed his neighbors haven’t complained about him blasting music his whole life.


Video Production


Nic D – San Francisco, California 

The son of a magician and actress who grew up by the beach, but left for the cold winters of upstate NY. Nic attended Syracuse University for film, and then became interested in video as an art form. Nic is a video editor, rock-climber, concert-goer, and occasional pool shooter. Live events and video are Nic’s passions.  Currently Nic is a post-production assistant at the Stanford Media Preservation Lab where I watch Latvian films.


Nate W – New York

Nate is a photographer, videographer, and drummer. A lover of all things music, but especially punk-influenced rock. His favorite bands include The Wonder Years, Silverstein, and Fireworks. (He would like to include hundreds of other bands in this list of favorites but decided against it in an attempt to be brief.)


Cody M – Eugene, Oregon

Cody is a Communication Arts student at UW-Madison and currently studying media production and editing Originally from Wisconsin, Cody spent most of my years in Eugene, Oregon which has had a major influence on his passion and art. Currently, you can find Cody listening to Flume, Gra


Trevor J – Amsterdam, New York

Trevor is an upstate New York videographer passionate about music and advertising. Trevor is a  huge fan of fresh new music, so he spends a ton of time listening to the Hype Machine and blogs like this one to keep great tunes pumping through my speakers. Trevor’s first concert was The Cat Empire at Albany, which he says to this day is still one of the best performances he’s ever seen.

Audio Production


Hector M – New York, New York

Hector spends his time thinking about life including all of the little things to be grateful for. Hector is an acclaimed producer, and also works at a great NYC based rehearsal studio. .Hector’s favorite artists at the moment are Major Lazer, and Ratatat. Hector’s favorite concert to date was the black keys/ arctic monkeys concert at MSG.


Glenn M– New York, New York

Glenn is a music producer and advisor to songwriters and record labels. After helping independent music powerhouse INgrooves launch their music publishing division, he set his sights on a new mission – helping creators develop and sustain long-lasting careers.

Graphic Design




Julianne W – Queens, New York

Julianne is a graphic design student at SUNY Purchase. Like the images you see on Play Too Much? Julianne’s favorite band is the Growlers, and favorite food is black beans and noodles.





Alina P – Queens, New York

Alina Pena is an artist from NYC majoring in graphic design at Queens College. She loves looking at pretty things and listening to good music.





Paula V – Staten Island, New York

Paula Volchok is a communication design major at Parsons, The New School For Design.She jams while making things!