Ofelia K: “White T-Shirt” Is A Perfect Fit

By: Michelle T

Ofelia K doesn’t have to shout to be heard. The Los Angeles based artist has slipped quietly into the scene with a subtle yet powerful sound. Her music doesn’t jump and beg for your attention, instead it simply allows you to sit back and quietly soak up the delicate twinkles and smooth synth that is ready to take your ears along for a ride. Electronic intertwined with the sincerity of folk makes for a surreal blend of melodic moodiness.

Ofelia K’s single “White T-Shirt” comes off her forthcoming solo EP. Strumming guitar invites you to come closer as Ofelia softly croons in her silky voice. Intimate verses collide with a rhythmic chorus that feels fresh off the pages of a heartfelt manuscript. As the intensity picks up speed, Ofelia never loses her cool. Reminiscent of English indie rock group Black Box Recorder, Ofelia encapsulates a daydream mysticism of her own West Coast flavor.

“White T-Shirt” softly flows and slips around you, a fabric of warmth and comfort. Whether stumbling home after hours under flickering street lamps or waking up with the sun playing peek-a-book through your blinds, Ofelia offers up an aural answer for a soundtrack that makes sense. In between these changing mindscapes of night and light, the Golden Coast remix of “White T-Shirt” shakes things up and drops the beat with the attitude of a solid remix. Whatever tickles your fancy, this rising artist has a T-shirt ready to cover you.

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