The Turning – Groundhog Day

By: AJ Sugar

Well, I am popular enough in Britain for mysterious internet entities to be sending me band suggestions (this counts as being internet famous, yea?). I was recommended a band called The Turning, specifically their track “Groundhog Day”. I had heard of this band before, but was not familiar with their music. They had me at ‘British’, however, and topping it off, apparently this track was co-written by my crush and Strypes guitarist, Josh McClorey.

The song starts off with a somehow familiar feeling, and incredibly catchy guitar riff. Awesomely retro vibe, especially if you peek at their website and Facebook (Cheers to band image and music cohesion, by the way, I feel like that is something that is overlooked far too often, but can add so much to an artist’s appeal).
Anyway, back on track… or on the track I suppose; I am totally digging this song. It may not be ‘groundbreaking’, but if something is done well, it doesn’t have to be. “Groundhog Day” is bouncy, fun, and just damn good. I already know that it is going to be stuck in my head for days, but I’m not even pissed. Is it weird if I have been dancing a bit by myself while listening to this song? I don’t think so, and if you disagree, you’re wrong and a prude. Go play this song and tell me you didn’t find yourself at least bobbing your head along. For real, go do it, I’ll wait…

Yea, I thought as much.

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